Stylist Anna Ponomarenko shared her love story with her husband Ivan Chobotar

Stylist Anna Ponomarenko shared her love story with her husband Ivan Chobotar, and at the same time talked about jewelry trends.

About trends in jewelry

You need to understand that jewelry trends change more slowly than clothing trends.

Today, the combination of jewelry: metals and colors is in fashion. Classics in a combination of trends, for example, massive chains, complex weaves, voluminous earrings, pendants, chains of different lengths, which, by the way, are now worn in layers.

Geometry and asymmetry are also in vogue. It is important to note that such jewelry is suitable for all girls! Regardless of the style. Laconic or, conversely, accent asymmetric and geometric shapes make any image more interesting.

In wedding rings today, there is a trend to change rings every 5-10-15 years. For anniversaries. I am very positive about this fashion. After all, how it turns out, you change your taste, style, prosperity in the end. Why not reflect this “evolution” in jewelry? (Anna smiles).

Jewelry tips from a stylist

  • If you are just starting to collect your jewelry wardrobe, collect a base. This is a classic: thin, laconic rings, earrings, bracelets, minimalistic design that will easily match any look.
  • I do not recommend wearing sets and sets, i.e. a ring, earrings and a chain from the same set. This is yesterday. Today it is recommended to separate sets and add stylistic touches to the image. Simply put, an addition is in trend.
  • I don’t recommend wearing any kind of solo jewelry. Even if it is a favorite pendant that is dear to you as a memory. Such an image may look “empty”. I recommend adding something else to it, like earrings or bracelet or rings. Of course, it all depends on the context! If you have an evening event planned and the only decoration for your dress will be a diamond necklace – that’s enough! So that the image is not clumsy. Therefore, everything needs a thoughtful approach.
  • By the way, about diamonds and any large stones! The golden rule is that they look especially attractive under artificial lighting, so it is better to leave them for evening events. And in the afternoon, choose more laconic stones. These can also be diamonds, but of a different size.

You can choose your own jewelry for any style and preference in clothes! There is no style where there is nowhere to fit a ring or bracelet. Experiment, study, ask stylists for help, and you will certainly find yours!

Accessories are an important element of individual style. Don’t underestimate them. Often our jewelry is symbolism, history and memory. We ourselves endow the jewelry with these stories. And then it is no longer just a ring or earrings, but something that you want to pass on to your children and grandchildren.

Personal preferences in jewelry

I love everything that is catchy, bright and bold. My personal favorites are rings, earrings and bracelets. I am easy

I combine costume jewelry and classic jewelry. I love smooth metals and asymmetrical shapes.

Husband’s proposal

My husband and I have been together for 10 years, and have been married for 7 years.

About the proposal, I can say that it was in February. For Valentine’s Day, of course. We were sitting in a restaurant, and my husband presented a gift. It was unexpected, but by that time, we had already been together for some time, and I understood that I wanted to live my life with this person. I was ready, and I remember not even waiting for the question itself – I immediately said: “Yes!” (Anna laughs).

About Anna’s own wedding ring

We chose classic white gold rings with a smooth surface. But I must say that my husband has a slightly different design. We are different in style and preferences, so we chose different ones.

But we both don’t believe in stereotypes, so we don’t believe that wedding rings should necessarily be the same. I think that there is only symbolism that we ourselves believe in. And jewelry should speak first of all about me, and not just be jewelry.

About Anna’s family and memorable jewelry

For the wedding, my grandfather gave me earrings and a pendant. These decorations are dear to me as a memory, and I treat them very carefully. The pendant, unfortunately, I cannot weave into the images, but I adore the earrings! Today they are vintage and go well with my wardrobe.

Stylist’s advice if you are choosing a ring for your sweetheart

There are many myths about how to choose the “right” engagement ring (Anna laughs).

For example, that the value of the ring should be equal to several salaries of the groom. Or that it must be a diamond. Or that an engagement ring must be exceptionally smooth for life to go smoothly. As a stylist and as a girl, I think this is all nonsense. The main thing in the choice is your taste, sincerity and why you want to propose to your chosen one. If you are motivated by love and a desire to live life with this person, this is enough to choose a beautiful ring (Anya smiles).

And speaking in detail – in order not to get into an awkward situation, you should pay attention to what kind of jewelry your girl has in the box. Pay attention to her overall style. If she loves bright and unusual clothes, you can probably choose the same bold piece of jewelry. If, on the contrary, she is minimalist and very restrained in style, then most likely, a laconic, thin ring will suit her. This is an all-time classic.

There is no one size fits all advice. Choose for yourself and for yourself. Get to know yourself.

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