Journalist, ex-beauty editor of Harper’s Bazaar, Elena Sagun and her husband Vasily talked about their jewelry preferences, marriage proposal

Journalist, ex-beauty editor of Harper’s Bazaar, Elena Sagun and her husband Vasily talked about their jewelry preferences, marriage proposal, and how everything changed with the birth of their daughter.

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About the offer and wedding rings

My husband proposed to me on the next anniversary of our first date – yes, we have such a family holiday. At that time we lived together, but I was immersed in work problems and did not notice at all that Vasya was planning something and was preparing to take such an important step. The proposal was “in words”, without an engagement ring. Vasya admitted that he did not dare to choose him himself – he was afraid not to guess with my preferences. Therefore, after my “Yes” we went to get the ring together. We also chose wedding rings together. Rather, this mission was entrusted to me. I went to several shopping centers – I chose those locations where there are large jewelry departments with different brands, this saved time. Then Vasya and I arrived at one of these centers and made the final choice. We settled on wide rings of yellow gold with a thin rhodium-plated insert.

About jewelry preferences

Until about 25 years old, I did not perceive yellow gold at all. I thought it didn’t suit me. But one day, while walking in a huge shopping center abroad, I succumbed to the persuasion of a jewelry consultant and tried on large gold earrings. It happened while on vacation by the sea, I was slightly tanned. Looking in the mirror, I appreciated how beautifully yellow metal is combined with a tan. And most importantly, I realized how noble gold looks on me. Since then I have been wearing gold jewelry with pleasure. But I didn’t refuse silver either. Very often I can combine yellow and white metals in one look.

How jewelry preferences changed after the birth of a daughter

In November 2020, I became a mother. Previously, I could not imagine my life without rings of different thicknesses, shapes and diameters. Now I only wear a wedding ring and from time to time I put on a pair of thin, smooth rings. But I do not dare to wear my favorite geometric rings with angular edges – I am worried that they can somehow damage the delicate child’s skin. I also stopped wearing hoop earrings and generally any long or large earrings. This is already out of considerations of my own safety – if daughter Katya suddenly grabs and pulls them, I risk being left without earlobes. But I began to often wear pendants and necklaces. Everything that hangs on my neck attracts Katya’s attention – she examines it with curiosity, we touch it with our little fingers. An interesting fact – my love for jewelry on my neck “intensified” during pregnancy. It is possible that Katya already then “suggested” what type of jewelry she liked the most. Oh yes, she is also attracted by all kinds of bracelets. I also wear them, although not often – I lost the habit during the quarantine.

Family traditions associated with jewelry

I know a lot of families in which on memorable dates (for example, coming of age, graduation, wedding, etc.), relatives always give jewelry. There were no such traditions in my family. I cannot say that I somehow suffered because of this. But now I thought, why not create such traditions? Autumn is approaching, and with it – the next anniversary of that very first date. And then – the first birthday of the daughter. In my opinion, this is the perfect time for some kind of memorable gift that will start a tradition. Let it be, for example, a pendant – both me and Katya will like

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