Aurum action “Diamond Weeks”

Who dreams of diamond jewelry? If you choose, then only the best. Feelings are often compared to the toughness of a diamond.

Although no, it is better to let your feelings be stronger than a diamond. After all, not every diamond can become a diamond.

Unique durability, impeccable charm – is this why diamonds are valued? A diamond will retain its perfect appearance even after tens and hundreds of years; it is simply impossible to scratch it. Plus, it can refract light rays, creating glare in all colors of the rainbow. It’s fine!

AURUM will help you make your dream come true.

From May 24 to June 6, we additionally offer up to 30% discounts on diamond jewelry!
It’s time to make the ultimate gift! Hurry to AURUM branded stores or place an order right now on the website


1. The promotional discount is not combined with other active discounts of the AURUM chain of stores.

2. Discounts for a promo code or a client’s discount do not apply in this case.


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