Don’t grab Cupid by the wings, he knows when to shoot at the target.

It is better to catch discounts from AURUM – up to 40% on the entire range of jewelry.

It is said that love is not in words, but in deeds. That is why AURUM expresses its love for
to each client so, actions
On the eve of Valentine’s Day, we prepare gifts for you and your loved ones. Jewelry
gold or silver jewelry will emphasize the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

The 4th draw of the “Dreams come true in AURUM” campaign will take place on February 12.

And therefore we hasten to remind conditions:

  • Make a purchase in the AURUM chain of stores in the amount of UAH 2021;
  • Fill out the form on the site;
  • Be sure to meet the first and second conditions by February 10 – and you
    guaranteed to become a member.

And then – wait for the victory, because it can get you.

Among the prizes – valuable jewelry and souvenirs that will pleasantly surprise you and your

Congratulations on the holiday of love!

Let everyone meet their happiness! And who met – take care.

With love, your AURUM.

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