Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day together!

Very soon Ukraine will celebrate International Mother’s Day!

It is a holiday when adults are ready to become children again. Mother’s love cannot be appreciated by any jewelry, but it is worth all the treasures.

On the second Sunday in May, the family unites to express their boundless gratitude to the mothers. Your mother and grandmother, your sister, who has already become a mother, your wife, who carries a child under her heart – they are all heroines of this day. AURUM prepares pleasant surprises for each of them!

Let’s create a festive mood together! The starting line is AURUM family contests. It’s very simple: you take part in the action for Mother’s Day, invite your friends to take part, they invite even more people – and the radius of the spread of happiness grows! And now for more details.

We are planning raffles for you in social networks. Join Facebook and Instagram separately, or keep up with everywhere.

So, Facebook is waiting for you both a surprise and the first condition of the competition. We have created a branded photo frame – use it.

Place a photo with your mom on your page. Don’t forget the hashtag – #aurum_moments. So we will definitely notice your activity.

And pass the baton to three friends in this publication. Increasing the radius of happiness, remember?

And of course, don’t forget to subscribe to the AURUM page if you haven’t done so yet.

As for Instagram. Post photos with your mom on your page using the #aurum_moments hashtag. Do not forget to mark three friends in the note or in the commentary to it and pass the baton to them. Share your photo and story with AURUM. And being subscribed to the AURUM page is also a prerequisite!

There will be three winners! They will be determined by the greatest number of likes. Whose photo gets more likes will win.

As prizes – valuable gifts for valuable moments – pleasant surprises for mom and baby.

Let’s play?

Follow the action at the link: family.aurum.in.ua

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