Jewelry Quarter Tips: How to Prepare for Baptisms

Baptism is a fateful event, one of the seven sacraments of the church. Determines belonging to the body of the Lord and, according to biblical dogmas, overcomes dependence on original sin. As with any deep action, it is necessary to carefully think over all the details in advance and carefully prepare for the participants in the baptism, both spiritually and physically.

Spiritually. If mother expressed a desire to be present at the baptism, then the priest admits her only after reading the prayer of permission of the fortieth day. Godparents need to receive Holy Communion and confess, because before the Church will begin to bear responsibility for the deeds of their future godson or goddaughter.

Physically. Common important household issues that will create a festive atmosphere. This is the concept of organizing a feast (a list of guests, a menu, buy decorations for a cake for christenings) and attributes of baptism (kryzhma or a towel, clothes for the ceremony, a cross, a chain or lace, gifts from godfathers, gifts to godfathers).

By the way, some parents prefer to celebrate the christening of the child magnificently, but the first year of the child’s birthday is not. Arguing that baptism is once in a lifetime, new family members appear – godfathers. But at one year old, the child will remember little.

So, dad and mom thought over a festive feast, invited guests, chose a godfather, agreed with the priest about a date.

What are the important steps to take for future godfathers?

  1. To talk with the priest before the sacrament – to receive communion, to confess, to realize the sacrament and mission in the life of a godson or goddaughter.
  2. Choose the appropriate formal clothes – for women a dress that covers the knees or below, and a scarf to cover the head, for men trousers (jeans or shorts will not work) and a shirt or polo (you should not wear a T-shirt with inscriptions in a foreign language, priests are usually educated people and will be able to easy to translate the inscription, which is not always appropriate within the walls of the church).
  3. Pay for the services of the church. Usually this function is assigned to the godfather.
  4. Choose and buy a cross for christening, as well as a lace (if the child is no longer an infant, then it is better to immediately buy a chain). Historically, what a man gives.
  5. Choose and buy a kryzhma, baptismal clothes. The godmother should take care of this, taking into account the wishes of the relatives. Some mothers ask for an ordinary beautiful towel as a canteen so that they can use it every day at home. After all, this is a talisman that will help to cope with ailments and diseases. If the kryzhma is festive and not suitable for everyday use, then it is laid under the baby’s mattress. Believing in miraculous properties.
  6. Memorable gifts for a child:
    • classic memorable gifts (silver spoon, icon, incense, pin, silver mug, earrings, bracelet, silver jewelry for children);
    • everyday and everyday gifts (toys, clothes, sling, car seat, radio nanny, envelope with money, children’s board games, goods for children’s creativity).

Everyday gifts

Focus on the preferences and wishes of the parents. It is better to ask the question directly “what is the need?” But from a practical point of view, the child will quickly outgrow the above gifts. And adults will want to leave a memorable gift that will be forever kept in the chest of drawers of warm memories.

Classic keepsakes

This is the most important gift and attribute of the baptism of a child. What is the christening cross?


  • Wooden (can be bought at the church)
  • Made of “simple” metals (aluminum, copper, brass, cupronickel, etc.)
  • Made of “noble” metals (silver, gold, platinum, gilded silver, with precious and semi-precious stones)

With simple metals, crosses can cause allergic reactions (and care should be taken on a regular basis), so of course you should pay attention to the purchase of a precious metal. For example, buy a gold cross for a christening or a silver cross for a christening. Moreover, this child will take it into adulthood. The choice of shapes and designs is best done within the walls of the Jewelry Quarter in the GORODOK Gallery shopping center, where there will be a great opportunity to see the actual size of the product, find out the pricing policy, touch the edges with a glance and understand whether the appearance and symbolism are appropriate? A huge assortment of christening crosses for children will fully satisfy any requirements, preferences, requests.

Cross stitch or chain

What is the best chain to buy for a christening?

It is better to present a lace to an infant child, because the chain will still be uncomfortable to wear. Some godparents immediately give both a lace (for now) and a chain for christening (for the future). Laces are made of genuine leather, rubber, silk. Take the time to feel the lace material in the jewelry store with your own hands. Then you will quickly understand whether it will be convenient for a child to wear a cross on such a lace all 24 hours.

Chains are made of gold, silver, platinum. Choose the material to match the appearance of the cross and your financial capabilities. For example, if the cross is made of gold, then the chain is gold for christening; if the cross for the christening is silver, then the chain is made of silver. But pay special attention to the strength of the pattern, because weak types of weaving have a habit of tearing quickly in small fidgets. Seek detailed advice from sellers in a jewelry store, and you will be surprised at the number of knits, as well as learn in detail their practicality in everyday life.

Silver spoon.

Our ancestors endowed silver with mystical properties, claiming that it drives away evil spirits. The disinfecting and antibacterial properties of silver have now been proven. Undoubtedly, this is very important with the beginning of complementary foods and the onset of the era of self-food for personal hygiene of the child.

There is a belief that the first tooth should be tapped lightly with a silver spoon and then the rest will grow painlessly.

A silver spoon attracts wealth and wealth into a child’s life, older people say. Perhaps, since that time, the proverb “was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.”

Therefore, if you want to give your child the first serious thing, choose a silver spoon. The assortment of spoons is great: from the theme of children’s characters to classic cutlery.

Also, it will be excellent to present a silver set – a spoon and a mug. She will not break in not yet skillful children’s hands, and also the mother will be calm about the cleanliness and hygiene of the child’s device.


Previously, there was a tradition of giving life-size icons (the height of the icon = the height of the child). In our time, this is not given special importance. The most important thing is the presence of an icon at the christening, which will be consecrated by the priest, and the parents will carefully put it in the baby’s room.

The icon can be bought as a personal one, in honor of the patron saint, and universal – a guardian angel or the Mother of God. Here, only the heart will tell the godfathers the right choice.

If the financial opportunity allows, then a jewelry icon would be an excellent choice. Her child will be able to take it into adulthood and, possibly, turn it into a heirloom of his future family.


Body-worn icon, with the face of Jesus Christ, the Most Holy Theotokos, St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and other saints. Religion allows you to wear an amulet along with a cross. These creeds provide protection from harm and strength. “Runs like the devil from incense”, they say among the people. This means that there is nothing more terrible for evil spirits than the prayer and the image of the Saint.

From the point of view of design, in the Jewelry Quarter in the GORODOK Gallery shopping center, you can buy an amulet for any taste preferences of future godparents or guests invited to christenings.

A bracelet

Fashionistas are not born, but become. A great opportunity to instill a craving for jewelry in a little girl from the cradle.


The symbolism of this presentation also comes from our ancestors. It was believed that in order to protect your child from the evil eye and evil eyes, it was necessary to attach a pin on the seamy side of the clothes. If you listen to the experience of your ancestors, then this is a great choice.

Jewelry pins, like any children’s jewelry, can be both budgetary (silver with enamel, for example), and more expensive (gold with diamonds and sapphires, emeralds; designer jewelry pins). The choice is yours.


A versatile, practical gift for little princesses. There are never too many earrings in a girls’ jewelry wardrobe. These are classic earrings made of gold, and children’s earrings with enamel and gold, and earrings-studs. The symbolism of this gift is not particularly religious, but the earrings are a pair, two parts of a single whole, husband and wife.

When buying, pay special attention to the clasp. It should clearly fix the earrings when closed and be comfortable.

We wish your child amazing gifts, and a fantastic christening celebration for parents and guests!

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