JEWELRY TIPS: how to choose wedding rings

Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of any person, for which a long and meticulous preparation. Everything should be carefully thought out and perfect: from shoes to the symbol of marriage – wedding rings. And if the clothes remain dust in the closet as a memory, then the future husband and wife will wear wedding rings every day. Every day this important attribute of marriage will act as protection, symbol and decoration of the new status of the newlyweds. Buy wedding rings – a responsible task for future spouses.
What should you pay attention to? Jewelry Quarter in the shopping center GORODOK Gallery has collected complete information about it for its customers.

  • Size
  • Design
  • Price
  • Fashion trends
  • Superstitions


It will be quite difficult to choose a comfortable size without fitting. The fingers tend to swell. Therefore, to choose the optimal size in the online store is an adventure. To protect your fingers from the risk of being held hostage by uncomfortable ringing, it is better to spend time trying on in a jewelry store. And even better in the mall, where a variety of shapes, metals, designs, as well as jewelry brands (Capital Jewelry Factory, Silver Country, Zarina, Kiev Jewelry Factory, Golden Age, Aurum). You need to go in search of “your only ring” in a calm and positive mood.


If before the choice was small – wide wedding rings or narrow, now the range is huge.

    1. Classic wedding rings. Smooth, smooth shape of different widths. Advantages – appropriate for any event and outfit. Classics out of time. You can “play” on your personal preferences only with the width of the ring.
    2. Wedding rings with engraving . The classic shape can be decorated with warm words of love on the inside of the rings. Hide from prying eyes the sacred slogan of your union. It can also be dates, pictures, abbreviations.
      Advantages – classics and originality, personification of their main symbols of marriage.
    3. Wedding rings with engraving .By means of processing by special diamond cutters, the relief pattern, small cuts which create effect of shimmering diamonds at sunlight hit on them is reached.
      Advantages – the pattern will remain for a long time (will not fade and will not be erased), the initial design will please for a long time.
    4. Embossed rings . Different shapes – from imitation stone, ending with an intricate pattern.
      The advantage is that they are universal: they are suitable for both men and women.
    5. Designer wedding rings made of silver. Our ancestors exchanged rings at a silver wedding, endowing it with healing properties. Silver is a precious metal. In today’s world we have a great opportunity to choose a product from the usual classics or from a variety of the most interesting design solutions. If you believe in ancestral traditions, but stand firm in this modernity, pay attention to designer rings made of silver.
      Advantages – unusual metal, original design solutions.
    6. Wedding rings with stones. It can be a scattering of stones on the male, and on the female one large stone. Or vice versa – a matter of taste preferences. It is not necessary to be limited to the king of stones – a diamond. You can pick up and semi-precious stone comfortable for you: turquoise, coral, sapphire, amber, etc. If you feel the magical support of a particular stone, then you definitely need to add it to your wedding rings.
      Advantages – originality, many design options, magical support.

    1. Use of several gold alloys . It is a weave of several alloys of gold, for example, yellow or pink, white and yellow, luxury black and yellow. Some newlyweds see in such an intertwining symbolism – the union of their two lives into one common.
      Advantages – symbolism, originality.
    2. Combination of wedding rings with Engagement .This trend came to us from Europe and the United States. And more and more attracts the attention of brides. The set is usually made of a single metal alloy and echoes the stones, forming a harmonious pair of rings.
      Advantages – it is convenient to wear in everyday life on one finger and the ability to wear an engagement ring, rather than leaving it to fall to the dust in a box before the holiday outings.

  1. Rings like celebrities . If you have an idol, a style icon, then why not repeat the main celebrity jewel ?! For example, the legendary wedding ring with the sapphire of Princess Diana. Undoubtedly, such a desire can be realized by a jeweler to order or you can buy it from world-famous brands. But you have to pay a tidy sum.
    The advantages are the realization of a dream.


Modern technologies give us a choice of various options – from budget to premium. Thanks for the progress!
Budget – it’s blown products made of gold, silver and gilding, the use of artificially grown stones, which completely mimic the luster of sapphires and diamonds.
Premium – products of world-famous brands (Tiffany, Damiani, Bulgari); rings made by a jeweler to order; rings using precious stones.
We are sure that you will make your choice in the Jewelry Quarter in the GORODOK Gallery shopping center, where experienced consultants will orient you on the price / quality ratio.

Fashion trends

Yellow gold is a classic. But if you follow fashion trends, then feel free to choose other colors of gold. Black wedding rings of gold, coated with rhodium of the appropriate color, titanium or carbon. Rose gold also deserves the attention of fashionistas, as well as pink stones.
Well and an indisputable foreign trend, it is the above-mentioned engagement ring + wedding rings.
The newlyweds make a wedding for themselves, and this position is transferred to jewelry. You should not limit yourself only to gold metal. The most important thing is that there was self-expression in the wedding rings. Rings of complex shape, puzzle rings or ordinary classics – everything has a place. The main thing is to respond in the hearts of young people.


Previously it was believed that wedding rings should be smooth and smooth, then family life will be calm, carefree.
The rings must be made of new, unprocessed metal, as it is believed that the metal carries the energy of previous owners. Therefore, family rings can be used if the ancestors lived a happy and carefree family life.
If the rings are rich in jewelry and precious stones – then the young are waiting for wealth and luxury.
But superstitions and signs are everyone’s business. As well as the design of the main symbol of the union of the couple.
Therefore, follow the call of the heart and be happy !!!
And the Jewelry Quarter in the GORODOK Gallery shopping center will continue to share useful tips and trends in the jewelry market.

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