Happiness is multiplied by two!

Love gives birth to love, and happiness multiplies when you are together.

AURUM company, inspired by spring, announces a special offer for couples in love.

We offer a 30% discount on wedding rings!

From April 24 to June 13, 2021, we will call the time for making important decisions. Warm and cozy months when every day can be your dream wedding. Book a date, and hurry up to get your wedding rings to AURUM brand stores!

Choose according to your taste – from unchanging classics to a variety of design solutions. But do not forget about an important condition – the discount is valid only for a pair of gold wedding rings.

The promotional discount on gold wedding rings has a few more simple conditions:

1. The promotion is valid in all AURUM brand stores.

2. The client’s discount is not valid in this case.

3. Remember that network shares are not cumulative. That is, the discounts of this special period are not combined with the discounts of other promotions that are currently available in the AURUM branded stores. The same goes for discounts on promotional codes – another time.

AURUM appreciates the warmth of happy moments in life and strives to add even more light to them. We are ready to multiply your happiness.

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