Give more warmth to children with AURUM

With the first rays of summer, the world celebrates Children’s Day.

Children should be happy, surrounded by love and care. This is an unshakable rule that adults should remember. After all, children’s happiness depends on us.

Jewelry company AURUM is with you when it comes to important human values. It’s time to change the idea of jewelry. The most important thing in such a gift is the value of the moment. Give memorabilia, symbols of your love for years to come.

Let’s spread the initiative of sincere gifts, give warmth and care to each other!

AURUM continues to draw on social networks. Unite around pleasant memories, cozy precious moments.

Facebook and Instagram in focus. Choose which network is more convenient for you to participate or hurry up to be in time everywhere.

So the FB conditions:

  1. Place a photo with your child on your page by adding the hashtag #aurum_moments. More positive shots from your family events. We smile together with the tapes of our networks!
  2. Pass the baton to three friends. Expanding the radius of happy publications.
  3. And it is important to be subscribed to the AURUM page. Be with us.

On Instagram, similar conditions, catch:

  1. Post photos with children on your page using the #aurum_moments hashtag.
  2. Do not forget to mark three friends in the publication or in the commentary to it and pass the baton to them.
  3. Share your photo and story by tagging AURUM.
  4. To be subscribed to the AURUM page is also a prerequisite!

There will be three winners! They will be determined by the greatest number of likes under the photo. Whoever has more likes will win.

As prizes – jewelry and sweet gifts.

Let’s create a festive mood together!

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