We continue to share love stories together with the Jewelry Quarter in the GORODOK shopping center.

And today a blogger and a wonderful mother, Anna Orlovskaya, has become our heroine.

About jewelry traditions in Anna’s family

The tradition of giving jewelry to our family was started by my grandfather. He traveled a lot for work, visited different countries, and always tried to bring some gifts for his grandmother. Each ring, earrings, bracelet was carefully kept and today, my grandmother is 83 years old, she has an impressive collection of rare, bright and unusual jewelry. Everyone has their own case, their own box. I remember from childhood how I loved to look at them. They seemed magical to me.


Christmas embellishments step by step go to mothers, I take yakisinodi. The skin of them is a whole memory, emotions and feeling. With the skin of them is tied like a history. The price is even more valuable. I want to know my children in an hour.

About Hanny’s proposition and hoops

My husband and I have been together for 14 years, our relationship began at 16 years old. During this time we went through a lot and he gave me a lot of jewelry. But, of course, the most memorable – a wedding ring and a wedding ring.

When we were choosing wedding rings, I had already decided that I wanted to switch to white gold. And I thought that to start the collection with a wedding ring will be very symbolic.

My husband and I have different ring designs, because our styles are different. I do not see any prejudices in this. The main thing is the message and feelings. We planned to wear wedding rings every day, so we chose the design “for a century”, as they say (smiles).

I like when everything in life is planned, when there is clarity. So, of course, we discussed in advance the wedding, and the proposal, and the decorations. The man himself made me an offer on New Year’s Eve. It was very romantic and tender – we were alone and all the feelings of that moment remained between us. I love privacy, I don’t feel very comfortable when everyone is watching, especially when it comes to such a personal … so I asked him to make a tete-a-tete proposal, and no wide gestures.

About personal preferences in choosing jewelry by Anna

I like seasonality.

In the summer I prefer jewelry, especially trendy: massive, intricate weaving, or three-dimensional earrings, pendants. In warm weather, when there are few clothes, they fit perfectly and easily into the images. But in winter I prefer classic jewelry. They lie gently and neatly on the sweater, for example. Emphasize the right accents. And look somehow more comfortable. I trust my own taste more than stylistic devices. This helps meobservation and knowledge of trends.

About children and jewelry

I have two children: Stefania and Fedor.

Stekha, of course, is a girl-girl. She likes jewelry. Probably looking at me and taking an example (laughs). And she even already has her first ring, which was given by her grandfather. Very similar in design to an adult. She treats it carefully, keeps it in a box, and dresses it when she wants, enjoys beauty.

I am glad that she is developing her taste, including jewelry.

About Anna’s family jewelry collections

In our family it was customary to give classic jewelry for all important events. It could be something small and inexpensive, but important.

I still have a ring donated by my parents for the 16th anniversary. Then there were earrings at graduation school. Then graduation from the institute. Of course, today they are not so trendy, and some jewelry I can no longer introduce into my image and wardrobe. But I still keep them. And if you open the box – you can trace the entire history of my life.

I would like my children to have such traditions as well. It is memorable and emotional. In general, I believe that the family is a tradition and common habit that needs to be created, maintained and strengthened.

What I wish to all (smiles).

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