Attention! Attention! Mass activity of robots is expected on May 1!

Location: Kyiv, Gorodok Gallery shopping center, Robopark exhibition.

The task: to get in touch with the works, make sure they are friendly and enjoy interactive entertainment!

Just imagine: in an area of ​​1200 m2 you will meet robots, which have previously been seen only in YouTube videos!

You will be waiting for:

  • An animatronic robot in the image of the great Elvis Presley, who performs his best hits;
  • The famous Aibo dog of the latest generation, which will demonstrate all the habits of real dogs;
  • Promobot V4 is a real guest from the future, because its colleagues are already teaching at universities, working in medical centers and even reading the news on the American TV channel!
  • Charming girl-robot Kiki, who can support a conversation on almost any topic and can express emotions;
  • Derevyaka – a wandering robot musician with a harmonica, candy and amazing stories that will cheer you and your children;
  • Iskander, who is ready to perform a joint dance with visitors to incendiary music;

The high-tech robot Unitree A1 is a star of Internet videos from a company called an analogue of Boston Dynamics!

And this is just the beginning of a long list of invited robot guests

You will also find virtual reality, selfie, 3D hologram, Picasso robot and many other interesting things!

And the most important thing is that you can (and even need to!) Interact with all the work: talk, touch, give commands and compete.

Robots can be controlled by the power of thought, a wave of the hand or even a simple smile.

Feel what a cool time we live in: touch the world of robots!

The exhibition works in compliance with all sanitary norms and requirements for protection of visitors from infections.

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