ARBER is the official fashion partner of the Ukrainian national football team and the delegation of the Ukrainian Football Association (UAF) for Euro 2020. This project is a continuation of a long-term cooperation, in which ARBER dressed the legendary Ukrainian teams at the successful 2006 World Cup in Germany, at home Euro 2012 and Euro 2016.

The partners approached the creation of official costumes for the national team and the UAF with great enthusiasm. The President of the UAF, Pavelko A.V., the head coach of the national team Shevchenko A.N., the leadership of the ARBER brand and leading Italian brands of high-quality materials, who are real experts in an elegant business style, participated in the creation process.

For the official suit of the national team, the ARBER team selected an innovative fabric from the DRAGO company, which specializes in the production of materials for creating bespoke suits. This is a new fabric with high quality 100% wool (S’140) with innovative bistretch technology (stretches in all directions), which provides high comfort on movement, breathability and does not wrinkle.

An integrated approach was used to form the details of the national team’s suit:

  • Individual models (patterns) of a jacket and trousers, created based on the wishes of the head coach of the national team
  • Contrasting buttonhole on the lapel of the jacket in the colors of the Ukrainian flag
  • Lining and piping also in blue and yellow
  • Pronounced light UAF logo on the side of the jacket
  • Shawl in the breast pocket in the color of the logo on the jacket for an elegant combination
  • Branded, sewn-in UAF label on the backing
  • Sewn-in label with the name and surname of the owner of the club suit
  • UAF embroidery on the tie in the color of the logo on the jacket
  • Embroidered UAF logo on the vest
  • Buttons with Ukraine lettering
  • Protective mask made of suit fabric, UAF logo, name and surname of a football player

The classic blue color and the selected texture of the fabric correspond to the latest trends in modern business fashion. The collection of the members of the Ukrainian national football team includes:

  • Modern blue suit with straight lapel and hidden pocket
  • White and blue shirts
  • Blue tie
  • Gray textured vest
  • White T-shirt

Thus, it is possible to change the style and comfort of the official clothing of the national team by various combinations: the use of a vest, a T-shirt or a blue shirt.

The Ukrainian national football team has already gone to Euro 2020 in official suits from ARBER. We hope that impeccable appearance will become another factor in the successful performance of our players at the European Championship.

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