All brands of technology in one place. 10,000 m2 in the Gorodok Gallery shopping center

Benefits of 10,000 m2

Compact store layout combined with a variety of choices. Gadgets, kitchen appliances, household appliances, electronics – from all the world’s leading brands.

For any budget

Large home appliance stores have formed an assortment so that each buyer can choose a gadget according to the characteristics that are suitable for him and within the budget.

Save time

Technohab shopping center Gorodok Gallery is an opportunity to quickly make a necessary purchase, and devote the saved time to yourself.

Pickup at lockdown

Sometimes equipment or gadgets are needed urgently, and there is no way to wait for delivery. All stores of household appliances and electronics in the Gorodok Gallery shopping center provide the possibility of self-pickup with the fulfillment of all quarantine norms.

The largest techno hub in Kiev

Choosing a technique, we want to get a product that will satisfy our requirements in terms of characteristics and in terms of price / quality ratio. With the current variety of offers, this is an absolutely real task, but … How much time does it take to get around the stores of different chains represented in Ukraine?

You will say that you can buy everything on the Internet. We totally agree. There is only one “but” – the Internet does not yet make it possible to hold a blender in your hands, press buttons on a laptop keyboard, listen to the sound in headphones or check how quietly the refrigerator door closes. To get a tactile sensation, you have to go to a physical store.

In the technohub of the Gorodok Gallery shopping center, there are all major operators of the household appliances and electronics market: Comfy, ALLO, Citrus, Mi, Foxtrot,, MOYO. And for lovers of mono-brand stores – Bosch & Siemens, Delonghi Kenwood Braun, Franke, Kaiser, Neff, Miele, Smeg, Günter & amp; Hauer .

Why is it good to buy equipment for home and work in the technohub of the Gorodok Gallery shopping center?

  • Price comparison. You can compare prices in stores of different chains in a short time and in one place. You don’t have to go far back to the store where the price is better.
  • Variety of brands. Practically all world brands of household appliances and electronics are represented in the technohub. This means that you are most likely to be able to buy what you need exactly.
  • Selection of promotions and discounts. Household appliances and electronics stores are constantly holding various promotions. In the technohub of the Gorodok Gallery shopping center, you can become a participant in each of these promotions. In one store, buy, for example, a smartphone for a promotion, and in the second – a TV at a discount. Or maybe you are lucky and you will become a participant of the action, which is periodically organized by the Gorodok Gallery shopping center, and you will also win a refrigerator.
  • Convenient location. Technohab is located 5 minutes walk from the Pochaina metro station, and one minute walk from the stop of many minibus taxis heading to almost all areas of the city. And for those who come by private transport, there is a parking lot for 850 cars.
  • Pickup. You can always pick up the equipment ordered on the Internet at the points of delivery located in the Gorodok Gallery shopping center. During the lockdown period, this option works as usual with mandatory compliance with quarantine requirements.