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An official statement of Gorodok Gallery shopping mall

An official statement of Gorodok Gallery shopping mall

On February 16, 2019 at 13.30, unknown attackers launched a hacker attack on the media screen management system in the Gorodok Gallery shopping mall. As a result, for several minutes intruders seized the control of the image, broadcast on the LED ladder. The hacker attack lasted for several minutes, then system was cut off from the power supply, and the provocative image on the LED ladder disappeared. The security guard of the shopping mall noticed suspicious activity on the stairs and promptly took all necessary steps to disconnect the LED stairs from the power supply. One of the visitors recorded the incident on a mobile phone. The rest of the visitors of the shopping mall were busy with their shopping routine. The provocative image on the LED ladder at the time of its appearance was visible only for a few people, and then disappeared. The security guard was the first to notice the hacker attack and promptly acted: he took security actions in accordance with the instructions and simultaneously monitored the situation in the trading floor.

We expect to receive an answer to the question “why our shopping center was chosen” from law enforcement agencies, which are now investigating the incident. Currently, only one thing is obvious to us: our shopping center has a unique LED staircase, which, unfortunately, turned out to be a target for committing illegal actions. The position of the leadership of the Gorodok Gallery shopping mall is to find and bring to justice the perpetrators of the hacker attack as soon as possible. To this end, we cooperate with law enforcement agencies and assist in the investigation process. At this stage, the law enforcement agencies have carried out all the necessary legal proceedings, we have filed a complaint about the incident, and investigative work is underway. The cameras of the Gorodok Gallery shopping mall recorded the suspects, however, these materials were transferred to the investigating authorities as part of the investigation process. The law enforcement agencies are investigating the causes of hacking. Gorodok Gallery shopping mall is already engaged in strengthening security measures, including those designated for broadcasting in a shopping mall.

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Шановні, настає час офіційно закривати сезон!

Авжеж ніхто не перестає кататися та займатися своїми авто, але завершальний цьогорічний японо-авто-фест відбудеться вже за два тижні! Отож:

- 19 жовтня
- ТЦ “Городок Гелері” що на ст. м. Почайна у Києві.
- Як завжди старт о 13:00, як завжди будуть конкурси та голосування за найкращі авто.
А тепер про те, що не буде там, як завжд…